In our studio you can enjoy one of the most extensive offers of piercing jewellery in the city! We trust the renowned German brand Wildcat to guarantee quality and style. Our wide range of products includes, among others, a variety of decorative clickers for septum, nose, helix and conch piercings, which are currently the most popular. Most of these and other jewellery items are available in standard sizes and colours: silver, gold, black and rosegold. We regularly refill our stock with both sold-out sizes and new types and shapes, so there is always something to choose from.

Of course, we also offer classic piercing jewelry such as ball closure rings, circular barbells, segment rings, barbells, eyebrow and navel bananabells, nostril studs, and labrets, all in titanium and surgical steel. We also offer various tunnels and plugs in surgical steel, wood, plastic, and silicone.

We also offer complete care for fresh OTZI/Easy Piercing and care for new and old OTZI/Easy Tattoo from the time-tested French brand Medical Body Art, which has been on the market since 2003.

Do you want to gift your friends or family? Take advantage of the opportunity to purchase a gift voucher, which can be used for piercing or tattooing, as well as for all our products.

Piercing jewelry Wildcat Germany

Piercing jewelry Wildcat Germany

Piercing jewelry Wildcat Germany

Cleansing Foam

Saline Solution Spray

Antibacterial Spray Solution

Oral Piercing Mouthwash

Piercing Aftercare Kit

Tattoo Cream

Soft Cleansing Gel

Tattoo Cream Kit

Hydrating Body Milk

Extreme Sunblock Stick

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