Welcome to Root Down Studio

Prague studio Root Down Tattoo and Piercing was founded in 2024 based on 24 years of professional career in piercing and rich experience in the world of tattooing.

Quality and Safety

We prioritize quality, safety, and hygiene. For piercings, we use sterile disposable needles from Braun and hypoallergenic titanium jewelry from the renowned German manufacturer Wildcat, which has been in the market since 1989. All jewelry is sterilized, along with all the tools used. Our sterilizers undergo daily testing and undergo annual hygiene inspections.

Responsible and Friendly Approach

We perform every piercing and every tattoo with the highest seriousness and professionalism, we believe in personal responsibility and care in every detail. We are respectful to all customers and always warmly welcome anyone regardless of age, race, orientation or religion.

Clean Environment

We guarantee a clean, quiet and non-smoking environment. We are always sober during working hours!

International communication

We offer our services in both Czech and English, ensuring smooth communication with our customers from all over the world.

Transparency and Reliability

We believe in a personal approach to each customer. Every piercing or tattoo is tailored to the individual needs, desires, and capabilities of the client. We take pride in the transparency of our work, which includes precise execution, reliable hygiene, and thorough information. Your trust is a commitment and motivation for further development.